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    Sang Lucci Mailbag | June 26th, 2014

    You can always find more information on Sang Lucci's Chat Room, Starter Course, and 12-Day Bootcamp by clicking on what you're interested in. For today’s Sang Lucci Mailbag, we covered some …

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    Sang Lucci TV | June 24th, 2014

    Today on Sang Lucci TV we bring in Bryan Wiener to talk about how volatility effects the underlying price of an option (not the underlying equity). This is an introductory …

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    Sang Lucci Mailbag | June 20th, 2014

    Sang Lucci's next Bootcamp starts this Monday, June 23rd at 8pm ET! Contact [email protected] for further details and you'll receive an 10% immediate discount.  For today’s Sang Lucci Mailbag, we covered some …

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Sanglucci.com is the public face of multiple business operations that provide investors, algorithmic and non-algorithmic professionals, and aspiring traders with one thing beyond anything else: ACCESS.

Sang Lucci Trading, LLC, a multi-faceted educational venture servicing both U.S. and international students, cultivates and mentors independent traders. Our courses and chat room provide students with firsthand education from expert traders excelling in options, tape reading, market sentiment analysis, trading psychology and behavioral management, commission structures and trade execution technology. Read The Full Story >

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  • Anand Sanghvi
  • Peter Zhang
  • Charlie Bathgate
  • Roy Davis
  • Haim Bodek
  • Bryan Wiener

Featured Partner

Decimus Capital Markets, LLC

Decimus Capital Markets, LLC consults to institutions and regulatory bodies regarding the structure of the US equities markets and algorithmic trading strategies. It was founded by Haim Bodek, a partner in multiple Sang Lucci operations.

In 2012 the Wall Street Journal’s Scott Patterson summarized the evolution of the modern US equities markets in his book Dark Pools: The Rise of the Machine Traders and the Rigging of the U.S. Stock Market. Charlie and Anand read the book and... Read More >

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  • "I will always recommend Sang Lucci to anyone that asks about options"

    I really enjoyed the course. Your method helps clarify the already complicated market… it's a strategy that lets you see whats gonna happen as opposed to what has already happened. You have a... Read More >

    - Larry S

  • "I love to learn from teachers with no BS personalities"

    Loved the attitude and style of the class, I love to learn from teachers with no BS personalities - no sugar coating needed.  The class has changed my understanding of market analysis, speaking in... Read More >

    - Dan M