• http://www.sanglucci.com/spy-goes-ex-div-watchlist-12-19-14/

    SPY Goes Ex Div - AM Watchlist 12.19.14

    Fridays before the holidays can be problematic so lets take a look at some price levels. Its important to watch for money flow again moving forward as the holiday draws …

  • http://www.sanglucci.com/power-watchlist-12-18-14/

    Power Up - AM Watchlist 12.18.14

    Well, the FED does it again. The SPY is looking at a sizable gap up this morning, thanks to some choice words out of FED Chairwoman Yellen. Subsequently, most sectors …

  • http://www.sanglucci.com/dead-cat-bounce-watchlist-12-17-14/

    Dead Cat Bounce - AM Watchlist 12.17.14

    Despite yesterday's wild range, and strong downside action, the $SPY is set to gap up this morning. While most remain hesitant to pick a market direction, the Financial Sector appears …

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