Sang Lucci & WallStJesus

Wiseguys Revealed: Modern Flow Trading

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Including weekly, LIVE sessions with Wall St. Jesus and Anand “Sang Lucci” Sanghvi, giving you direct access to their combined 30+ years of flow trading experience.

Course videos covering:

  • Flow Basics and Misperceptions
    • What is flow and where did it originate?
    • Why does flow trump all?
    • Understanding flow and the various participants in the market
    • Commonly used techniques for tracking and trading on flow
    • Misunderstandings and how NOT to trade flow
    • When aggressive flow becomes an indicator to take a trade
  • Using options order flow as a form of alpha generation
    • The Steamroom rundown
    • Defining trading setups with Wiseguy flow
    • What does it all mean? Strikes, executions, order size
    • Reinforcing your thesis of the trade with Wiseguy flow
  • Sweep flow discussion
    • What is a sweep?
    • How do these exchanges play a role in our markets and analysis?
    • What is an ISO order?
    • How do aggressive players hop into the market?
  • Opening vs closing orders
    • Open Interest basics
    • Smart money and rolling positions
  • Option sellers and catching reversals
    • Spread orders
    • Options liquidity
    • How to pick up a good read on liquidity and how to trade when liquidity is slim
  • Platform setup
    • Active trade platform setup
    • Swing trader platform setup
  • Order flow strategy discussion
    • Where are the big guys placing bets?
    • Is this flow an investment or a trade?
    • How to incorporate flow into swing trading and day trading
  • The Sentiment Read
    • Assesing the market condition with flow activity
    • How's the participation in ETF's by big players?
    • Price action after flow hits the tape

Bonus The Wall St. Jesus Commandments for Day Trading and Swing Trading

FREE additional course components:

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Two months access to Order Flow Review sessions

  • Weekly, live sessions with Wall St. Jesus and Lucci
  • Live trade example analysis
  • Recording access

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Complimentary consultation session, including:

  • Brokerage & commission optimization
  • Tax and accounting prioritization
  • Trade automation assessment

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Trading Psychology crash course

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  • Built-in proprietary “Wiseguy” feed
  • Twice weekly live, members-only market analysis and Q&A sessions with Wall St. Jesus and Anand Sanghvi aka “Lucci”
  • Side-by-side trading with professional equities, options, and futures traders

$499 for video course 30 day free trial to Steamroom, $199/mo afterwards (cancel anytime)